The Majestic Marmot Basin

Driving up the steep hill to Marmot Basin reminds me of a scene from: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. The scenery is almost real-life HDR, with vivid greens, reflective whites and navy blue skies. I love coming to Marmot because it’s remote. While most skiers are enjoying lunch, I like staying on the hill and listening to the wind, looking for wildlife (we saw a Ptarmigam) and learning how to ski in fresh powder. Yup, I don’t mind saying it: I struggle skiing on fresh powder. Skiing in Eastern Canada is very different and I feel at home on groomed runs. But I’m up for the challenge.

Today was a blast. The weather was perfect, the powder fresh and turns out that wiping out hurts a lot less on fresh powder.

P.S.: Angie, thank you for the huge breakfast a Mimosas.

Francois and his struggles in powder

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