Caga tió! Barcelona – Tis the season

We are about to leave for Jasper for our annual ski trip. We packed all evening and didn’t have time to write a blog post. So instead, here’s an extract from my personal travel journal. I keep my thoughts together in an online journal and today, you get to read my unedited musing on Barcelona. Welcome to my world!

December 17, 2016 – Tio the Christmas log

We were lucky making our way to Barcelona. Our flight from Regina was delayed by an hour and our connection time in Toronto was only an hour. But weather delayed the departure of our transcontinental flight so we made it with time to spare. But, we also left Toronto two hours behind… but got upgraded to Premium Rouge.

It was our first time flying Air Canada Rouge to Europe and my preconceived idea wasn’t positive. However, I found the flight crew very professional and attentive. Hanna was our purser and she was smiling, bilingual and… stinky. It’s rare that North Americans suffer from BO, but she did. And not at the end of the flight either.

The weather upon our arrival was perfect. Sunny, breezy and fresh. We got to the hotel within 90 minutes as the subway line had a slight detour for the day. The subway was otherwise very efficient and well laid out. One of the simplest maps and ticketing system.

After a quick rest and shower, we walked all the way from our hotel to Catalan Place. Lots of outdoors cafes and shops along Diagonal street. As we got closer to our destination, people density was growing. It’s nice to see families out and about, all happy about the holidays. We even saw a cute gay couple, our age, holding hands and genuinely having a festive time. Seeing them reminded me of the last time we were in Barcelona and the Gay hotel we went to for a bite to eat. The place had been empty but fun enough.ladies

After about 8 kilometers, we found ourselves in front of the Familia Sagria and its annual Christmas market. Stand after stand of trinkets, pine trees and Churros. YUM. I ordered a giant portion of Churro con chocolate and inhaled it all while watching a father and his 3-year-old play soccer in a park at 10 p.m. Oh the Spaniards.

We were almost ready to go when Edward spotted Tio the Christmas Log. Apparently, Tio is an anciant tradition in Catalonia. There are even songs about him being kicked by kids so that he can shit Christmas presents. I’m NOT making this up. We laughed all the way back to our hotel. When I wasn’t laughing, my head was bobbing like a bladder on a stick as I was fighting sleep on the warm subway.

Tio de nadal

A bottle of wine and a death star made out of chocolates was waiting for us in our room at the Fairmont. We quickly drank and ate and fell asleep in our beautifully renovated room. Edward likely dreamt of Tio the Christmas Log.



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