New music – my favourite of the week

17 years in the making – still as cheezy as can be

So when I blogged about feel-good music, I truly had no idea that one of the campiest boy/girl bands of all time was releasing a new single this week. Yes Steps has released a new single and, while not an instant classic like Stomp, it’s still good and has been added to my Gym playlist.

So, if you’ve no idea who Steps are, you only need to know a few key facts:

  • They were created by Pete Waterman (the guy behind Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley and Samantha Fox). They received no radio play, were paid peanuts at first and worked their butts off to achieve limited fame outside heir native U.K. At home – they are B-list stars.
  • They split 17 years ago on Boxing Day and it made the evening news in the U.K. with fans (mostly gay guys) causing all kinds of drama.
  • Each Steps single came with an easy-to-learn campy dance routine that also was featured in their videos. Check this out .
  • They understood, way before The OA, the importance of a good dance routine 😉

So, here it is: “Scared Of The Dark“: likely the new UK Number One single on the UK Top 40 this week. Be honest, how campy is it in a scale of tiara to glitters? Hey it’s our blog, no judging!



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