The Value of the Canadian Spirit

What does it mean to be Canadian in 2017?

As an avid traveler, seeing Air Canada planes on the tarmac reminds me of the warmth of home, the Great White North. With our flag carrier upgrading their livery, website, uniforms and value proposition, I’m musing on what Canada stands for in 2017.

I don’t own a canoe or a pet beaver. I live within 100 kms of the American border and I barely know how to [figure] skate. Yet, I’m a patriotic Canadian. I’m a liberal thinking, tolerant and progressive person.  Am I your typical Canadian? I’d like to think so.

Canada’s time to shine

The Netherlands could be electing a far-right candidate whose policies are anti-Muslims.  France is freaking out as Marine Le Pen could steal the show in April. Greece has had enough of austerity measures, threatening to leave the EU and let’s not talk about our wall-building leader to the South. Everywhere you look, the world seems to need more Canada.

  1. A balanced report from the CBC or Radio-Canada
  2. A peace-keeping army detachment
  3. An eager exchange student from Saskatchewan
  4. A recognizable leader with the right pedigree and attitude
  5. A talented songstress from Quebec
  6. A polite tourist wanting to experience the world (that’s me)

But, the world’s attention span is shrinking, and we Canadians are not that great at capitalizing on opportunities and the honeymoon will eventually come to an end. Would anyone care to listen to Canadians talking about our shared values and our openness to refugees (for example)? I think so.

As we celebrate 150 years of confederation, I wish for the world to give Canadians a chance to shine – to bring light to a world that seems to be heading towards the dark ages. Eh?

WP_20140329_09_42_14_Pro20140329123629 (1).jpgWhat do you say Canada? Are you up for it?

P.S.: I’m just learning how to use WordPress and I have no idea how to add a caption to my pictures. So, the picture up there was taken by Edward (I think) in Jasper in 2014.

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